• Jan-Pieter Atsma Jan-Pieter Atsma

    Jan Pieter presents unsettling humor, jokes and funny art
    Jan Pieter Atsma presents unsettling humor, jokes and funny art in a world of disjointed concepts. A bogus journey with strange stories, optical illusions and silly brain tricks.

  • Josine de Boer Josine de Boer

    Josine de Boer, Video artist - Media & Video Art, Video Installation and Film art
    Video Art from Josine de Boer, Video artist in Scotland with BA degree in media art AKI Enschede, Nederland. Using video installations, screen projections, film art, visual images and sound.

  • Independent Scotland Independent Scotland

    Views and Perspectives on Scottish Independence
    This site has view, opinions and perspectives about Scottish Independence. Almost 45% voted YES to Scottish Independence at the Referendum in 2014. This critical mass is paving the way for an Independent Scotland in a foreseeable future.

  • ColdFusion Web Developer ColdFusion Web Developer

    Jan-Pieter Atsma - Freelance ColdFusion Web Developer in Scotland
    Jan Pieter Atsma a Freelance Coldfusion Web Developer in Central Scotland. Over 15 years experience as internet specialist I work as freelancer with Coldfusion, jQuery, Usability and Accessibility testing and Fusebox or Coldbox.