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The Online Health Food Store sells Foods in the UK from their award-wining independent Health Shop to customers in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern-Ireland. You can safely buy genuine Foods and other products from them online.

Their wide variety of Foods products include: Vegetarian Hot Dogs, Thick Oatcakes, Taifun Wiener Sausages, Tahini Light - Organic, Stevia Drops, Smooth Peanut Butter 1kg, Smooth Peanut Butter + Salt, Smooth Peanut Butter - Organic, Sevilla Orange Spread - Organic, Sesame Seeds - 250g, Scottish Heather Honey 340g, Scottish Heather Honey - 454g, Scottish Blossom Honey 340g, Raspberry Spread, Panda Licorice 4 Pack, etc.

Link: http://www.onlinehealthfoodstore.co.uk/14364/foods.htm

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